Gulab Jamun Mix

100% Natural Product


Ingredients: Refined wheat flour (Maida), Milk solids, Edible vegetable fat interesterified (Palmolein oil, Palm kemel oil), Leavening agent Sodium bicarbonate (INS 500 ii), Acidity regulator Malic acid (INS 296)
Allergen Advice: Contains Gluten (Wheat) & Milk Products.

Cooking Directions:

Add 1/4 cup of water gradually to measure crispy day gulab jamun mix and knead gently into smooth dough. Keep aside for 5 minutes. Deep fry oil / ghee over medium flame, until golden brown. Soak the deep fried jamun in hot sugar syrup (20 minutes), until they completely absorb the syrup and serve hot.

Sugar Syrup: Add equal measures of sugar & water; boil for 5 minutes. This pack needs 800 g of sugar and 800 ml of water.